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A Review of the Scientific Evidence Supporting the Reality of Spiritual Healing

By R. D. Hodges.

“The practice of healing has a long history going back over millenia and accounts of its use have been recorded from all the major cultures of the past. Although in the West its practice has often been suppressed or reduced to the status of a folk-art, this century has seen a revival of what is now most commonly called spiritual healing as one of the most widely-used complementary therapies.
Spiritual healing, also known under a variety of other names such as mental, psi, faith and Reiki healing, and Therapeutic Touch, is probably the most simple and straightforward approach to the treatment of ill-health and injury that is available; consisting of a simple, direct relationship between healer and patient relying mainly on close contact, such as the laying-on-of-hands, the use of prayer, hand passes, etc., to help bring about improvements in the patient’s condition. 

Despite this simplicity of technique and the lack of any fully-substantiated mechanism describing how healing works, there has developed over recent decades a large body of anecdotal evidence – published in books, articles and similar sources – demonstrating the efficacy of spiritual healing in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. 

More recently, a considerable body of scientific research has been built up which indicates that spiritual healing is a clearly-demonstrable phenomenon. The research evidence supporting the scientific validity of spiritual healing has been described and analysed in detail by Benor (1993).

Benor’s review lists 155 controlled studies using a wide range of experimental subjects – enzymes, microorganisms, cells, plants, animals and humans, of which more than half produced statistically significant results supporting the reality of a healing effect. Further studies have been published since 1993. 

The aim of the present review is to present summaries of a number of these studies, from across the range of experimental subjects, which showed a positive outcome – thus demonstrating the reality of healing.”

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