About Samantha 

I started working online in November 2015. Within 3 months I was Number One on a global recruiting leaderboard, by 6 months invited to be a member of the leadership council of a $2.5 billion company & had left my day job.

Since then I have launched global affiliate programs & coached teams upward of 1200 people in using Facebook Marketing to grow their businesses.

I believe that everyone working online needs to understand the fundamentals of Facebook marketing & advertising which is often counterintuitive for most marketers.
My coaching programs cover everything from mindset to the technical skills everyone needs to succeed.
I am also a gifted spiritual and energy healer and business coach who specialises in helping people to move forward in their lives & businesses. 

I offer face to face and distant healing at a time to suit you. If you have personal or business challenges, money blocks, minor physical ailments or just want to feel balanced I can help.