How Much Do You Want Success?

Would you be willing to do a video and post on Facebook for the next 90 days and simply give a 1 minute tip on something you learned from something you read?

Would you write up tips daily you learned from the training videos in your back office?

Would you reach out and connect with 10-20 new people a day and simply just say hi and introduce yourself?

Would you put together your own FB Group with a video pin post of yourself greeting everyone and disperse the information we give from this group?

Would you run a FB Engagement Ad to bring you new people to speak with daily?

Would you write an article, blog post, press release about the shadow commission project and Exitus?

Would you hire people on fiverr to do some creative videos to promote your business?

Would you run advertising to your business system and then follow up with every single lead that came in?

Would you sit down and write all the reason you have aligned yourself with your project and company and then post it on FB?

When I started and was having zero results I had a lot of time to do all this stuff above… A lot of time to do it 🙂

But I want to stand out!

But I want to be noticed not just the leaders!

But I want people to come to me!

Too often people put their focus on a sale and not on the promotion!

I never think about sales…I think what can I do today to provide value to the marketplace, promote myself, my products, and services.

I get one shot at doing that today and then it’s gone.

How many more days will you waste not doing that? 


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