The PREselling-To-SELLing Cycle For Your Marketing Platform

PREselling is the heart of what makes an affiliate successful. Knowing how to warm-up your visitors and put them into an open-to-buy frame of mind is important for high conversions and great commissions

And understanding “where your visitors are at” in the buying cycle is critical. From getting your customers’ attention (the earliest stage of PREselling) to shifting into SELLING mode (the final step!), this article examines how to think with your potential customers and how to match the appropriate landing page to their mindset and readiness for your opportunity.

Remember… you PREsell and SELL. But your visitor buys. So put yourself into your customer’s mindset to succeed.

The Five Stages Of The Buying Cycle

Your visitors arrive on your site (or read your zine, blog, etc.) at various stages of readiness to buy…

1) Get attention – use landing pages designed to create awareness and get attention for customers who are…

~ completely unfamiliar with online business 
~ slightly interested in building an online business

~ considering how to make money online

~ struggling with current efforts and looking for a better way (a huge category)

~ seriously looking for ways to make money online

2) Grow interest – once customers know about your opportunity, they are ready for the next set of specialized landing pages. These people may be…

~ interested, but want to know more about what you do
~ seeking more information about the process and tools your opportunity offers

~ ready for benefit-focused copy that is specifically relevant to them

3) Build credibility – at a certain point, your pre-customers move from info-gathering to credibility-seeking. These prospective new customers are…

~ currently evaluating various online marketing products, including yours
~ considering your products, but are unsure or otherwise have questions

~ seeking reassurance about your opportunity (history and position)

~ comparing your opportunity to other options like registering a domain and only getting Web hosting

4) Involve – some customers are really careful, diligent info-seekers. Repeat exposure to high-value, free information and tools is perfect here. These folks are…

~ getting closer, but need more exposure or “comfort” about your business.

~ procrastinating, so stay in front of them with free tools and info

~ thinking seriously about your business and just need reassurance

5) Close the sale – the entire process funnels down to the final two landing pages. These pages shift from PREselling to SELLING. “Get the sale” from customers who are…

~ ready to buy but have not made the final commitment
~ 95% of the way there and are merely looking for the final reason to buy

~ all the way there and are merely looking for the Order Page!

The above stages are meant to help you think about your customers’ mindset stages within the buying cycle. Keep in mind that they are not always distinct stages…

Each customer is at a slightly different place in the buying cycle
One customer buys within 24 hours of “attention-getting,” another may take weeks or even months

And of course, you don’t deal with just one customer at a time. Of 1,000 visitors, each will be at a slightly different spot along the “Attention-to-Order” process.

So… your goal is to move them all ever-closer to the final two “closer pages.” How do you address all of their needs?

By understanding who your customers are and what they need (some only need one exposure by you, others need several).
By choosing the appropriate landing pages to blend into your editorial content.

Through repeat exposure, reaching them in different ways with different messages.

Your “time to sale” and Conversion Rate are directly related to how well and how many times you reach your target audience through different landing pages. And you have many landing pages to use in your PREselling-to-SELLing efforts.


The PREselling-To-SELLing Cycle is real. Provide specific links over multiple exposures to move your visitors through the cycle to the Order Page.

It’s the big secret to high conversions and great commissions.


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